Digital Ocean or AWS?

Digital Ocean or AWS? Ahh, the classic question our fore fathers have been asking for millenia. Should we go the developer and pocket book friendly route with Digital Ocean or take the leap and make friends with Goliath aka AWS? At First This was a silly question for me when I first started developing. Digital …

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Hey everybody! I thought I’d do a quick intro on an app I started working on. Drum roll please… Moomosa! It’s a React-Native application that uses Firebase as a database at the moment (more on this later). That database is managed with a React application I developed to add, delete, and approve new content. I …

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Creating a Blank File From your Terminal


My Computer Setup How To Create a Blank File From your Terminal Ever need a blank file to mock up a file system while on Linux? USE TOUCH! It’s pretty useful when you’re navigating through folders and want to spin up a doc really quick. If you then just list what’s in your current directory, …

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