Create A Custom Button In Next.js

We’re going to walk you through how to create a custom button in Next.js. This article will help you abstract the button so that you’re not copy pasting the core code everywhere throughout your application. This helps with application organization which might not be a huge problem when your application is tiny. But it’ll be …

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Make an Image Clickable in React Native

Trying to make an image clickable in React Native? It was one of the harder things for me to do when I started off so I thought I’d do a quick write up. My Setup MacOS Big Sur Webstorm 2020.2.3 Starting a New React Native Project Click React Native under new project in Webstorm. This …

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“RNGADBannerView” was not found in the UIManager.

Happen to be getting the Invariant Violation: requireNativeComponent: “RNGADBannerView” was not found in the UIManager error? Did you use the really useful react-native-admob lib at some point, remove it, but are still getting this weird error? Maybe you’re using another lib, removed it, and are getting a similar error? I spent nearly three full days …

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Vertically and Horizontally Center Text in React Native

I recently spent quite some time trying to vertically and horizontally center text in React Native. I tried all sorts of combinations of align, alignContent, alignSelf, etc but couldn’t get my text horizontally and vertically centered. I mean this is probably because I’m React Native newb but stilllll. I’m actually quite surprised how bare the …

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Hey everybody! I thought I’d do a quick intro on an app I started working on. Drum roll please… Moomosa! It’s a React-Native application that uses Firebase as a database at the moment (more on this later). That database is managed with a React application I developed to add, delete, and approve new content. I …

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Javascript’s Filter on an Array of Objects

Are you trying to use Javascript’s filter on an array of objects that contain arrays? Are you having trouble getting it to return elements to conditionally rebuild that array? I had the same issue and blamed the filter method for a quick sec. Buuuut lo and behold it was me as always. My Setup Node …

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Javascript’s Splice

I recently spent a few hours trying to understand why my array was changing when using the splice method. I thought I’d save you some time and outline what I learned. For Those of You Short on Time Splice edits the original array!

Calculate A Random Integer from 0 to n in Javascript

The solution for those of you who want me to cut the crap and need to calculate a random integer from 0 to n in Javascript. My Setup macOS Node v12.10.0 The Problem I was writing a React-Native game where I had multiple cards that would be presented to the player. To spice up the …

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Cast a String Array of JSON Objects to JSON in Javascript

I recently came across a situation where I had to to save an array of objects to a local device so that I could pull that info up later. My problem was that I had to change that array of objects into a string before saving it. Thus, I had to cast a string array …

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