Add A Background Image to a NextJS App

One of the first things we do when starting off a new application is get our background squared away. This article will cover how to add a background image to a NextJS app. My Setup Operating System = macOS Ventura Next.js v13.1.1 Setting Up Our Basic NextJS App Webstorm Sooo, I use Webstorm. So rather …

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Red Tape – Are Your Workflows Worth The Cost?


Who Am I? So, what is red tape? But first a little bit of background about me. My names Carlos and I’m a data guy. I started off as an analyst with a smaller firm that sold non passenger car tires. Think wheelbarrow tires. Next came Michael Kors, a luxury fashion brand valued somewhere around …

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Removing Duplicate Elements From An Array in BigQuery

We’ll be removing duplicate elements from an array in BigQuery in this post. Let’s set the stage. It’s a chilly night in the office and marketing reaches out asking for data. PANIK. But they’ve given you a general location of where that data is located. CALM. You do a quick select * of the table …

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TypeError: Argument of Type ‘int’ is not Iterable


So you’re getting the TypeError: argument of type ‘int’ is not iterable error message. I came across this issue when calling an api, extracting some data from a json object, and trying to determine if I needed to do something with that info. Bite Size Soln for Those in a Rush In short, you’re trying …

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