Terminal Commands For Beginners


Let’s go over some terminal commands for Beginners. This assumes you have basic computer knowledge and might have some sort of interest in software development. Terminal commands, especially those for linux systems, will get you pretty far. My Setup MacOS Opening Your Terminal On a mac hit command+space. This will open a search window. My …

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Add A Background Image to a NextJS App

One of the first things we do when starting off a new application is get our background squared away. This article will cover how to add a background image to a NextJS app. My Setup Operating System = macOS Ventura Next.js v13.1.1 Setting Up Our Basic NextJS App Webstorm Sooo, I use Webstorm. So rather …

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Red Tape – Are Your Workflows Worth The Cost?

Who Am I? So, what is red tape? But first a little bit of background about me. My names Carlos and I’m a data guy. I started off as an analyst with a smaller firm that sold non passenger car tires. Think wheelbarrow tires. Next came Michael Kors, a luxury fashion brand valued somewhere around …

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Removing Duplicate Elements From An Array in BigQuery

We’ll be removing duplicate elements from an array in BigQuery in this post. Let’s set the stage. It’s a chilly night in the office and marketing reaches out asking for data. PANIK. But they’ve given you a general location of where that data is located. CALM. You do a quick select * of the table …

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TypeError: Argument of Type ‘int’ is not Iterable

So you’re getting the TypeError: argument of type ‘int’ is not iterable error message. I came across this issue when calling an api, extracting some data from a json object, and trying to determine if I needed to do something with that info. Bite Size Soln for Those in a Rush In short, you’re trying …

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