About Us

Hi! My names Carlos. I’m the developer behind Moomosa, all the Feral Cat Language Apps, and the Feral Cat Blog. I started this blog to cement my understanding of some basic concepts related to projects I’m currently working on and to interact with you!

How did I get into programming? How could I not? It’s everywhere! Anyway, my first exposure to programming was with MATLAB in college. Fast forward a couple years and I was an analyst with a disdain for repetition so I programmed away my monotonous work.

This lead to a couple years down the VBA rabit hole. Maybe I should write on that a bit? In any case, one thing led to the next and I introduced Python into my workflows. Next came a curiosity on mobile application development.

I decided to leave a job as an analyst for Michael Kors and spent the next 4 to 5 months learning JAVA so I could build myself an Android marketing platform. Why Android? Because my phone was an Android.

I launched, started getting traction, and immediately felt the weight of Google’s ban hammer. Kinda awestruck and confused, I went back to work as an analyst and started development on my next project, the Feral Cat Language Apps.

And here I am a couple years later with a broad knowledge of technologies including React, React Native, JAVA, Angular, etc telling you about why I’m writing blog posts about deleting folders. Because programming is fun, hopefully I could save you some time, and writing this stuff out helps me understand things better. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.

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